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Afraid to Walk Your Dog at Night? Buy the Funky Lite Leash

September 29, 2010 Leave a comment

If you are a dog lover then this is the product for you. This is a leash that my friend invented for people who have to walk their dogs at night. Everyone knows that taking the pooch out for a night-time stroll can be very dangerous. Drivers can be speeding around turns without even seeing you and reflectors only work so well. This leash has a highly visible electroluminescent wire that runs through the entire length, about 5 ft. It is very durable, and weather resistant. It is made for dogs 100 lbs. and under and only requires two double-A batteries.

The man who invented this did it for the sole purpose of keeping people and their dogs safe during their night-time walks.

You can purchase your leash  here, or you can email me directly at


Lee Child: 61 Hours (Review)

As some of you who may follow my blog, mom and dad, know, I love all book written by Lee Child. I think that he is the best Mystery/Thriller author of his time. (Granted I don’t know too many others). I recently read his latest novel 61 Hours which, for those of you who are familiar with Child’s novels, is another “Reacher Book”. It revolves around his main character Jack Reacher, an ex- military policeman who now finds himself wandering the country because, growing up on military bases throughout the world, that is all he knows. It is amazing how Child can write so many high-end novels revolving around one spectacular character yet he does it again and again without fail.

For all of you Lee Child/ Jack Reacher fans, 61 Hours does slightly differ from the earlier novels in the series in that there is no female lover and there is less action, but that jut means that the story is that much more suspenseful.

In this adventure, Reacher finds himself stranded in a small town in South Dakota. It doesn’t take long for Reacher to get involved in the town’s latest drama. He teams up with the local police department in an attempt to solve a case that involves a mysterious, old abandoned building, a very small and dangerous man, and a witness that is need of protection if she is going to live long enough to testify.

61 Hours is not one of Child’s best pieces of work, but it is very far from his worst. This novel will keep your interest throughout and you will find it very hard to put it down. I found it hard to go twenty minutes without picking it back up and reading a few chapters. Child does a fantastic job of taking multiple story lines that the reader may think have nothing to do with each other and somehow bring them together at the end to create a ridiculous twist in the story. This is why Child is considered one of the best thriller writers in the business and if he keeps writing more novels at this caliber it will be easy to say that he is the best thriller author of his time. I highly recommend this novel and this author to anyone who enjoys mystery/thrillers. Out of a possible 10 I would give this book an 8, and Child as an author a 9.8, just because nobody’s perfect.

And keep an eye out for Child’s next book, Worth Dying For, which will be released on October 19, 2010. It will start from the end of 61 Hours so make sure that you do NOT read these two books out-of-order.

Congratulations Class of 2010!

June 14, 2010 1 comment

This past weekend was a very emotional one for many high school seniors, including myself. It started on Friday with our Senior Prom and ended today with the last day of our high school careers. Witnessing the complete 180° switch in emotions from Friday to Monday was amazing. On Friday, everyone was excited and rowdy and anxious for prom. on Saturday, everyone was still busy partying for their last weekend of high school. The parties continued on Sunday, as my school held its annual “senior camp out”, and people were excited for the last day of school, so excited that nobody got much sleep. On Monday, we all went to school bright and early to cheer for the incoming buses and cars, another school tradition, and then the school day finally got underway, this is when the surreal felling that I was in high school for the very last time hit my classmates and me. For many, things became very emotional.

Like the past four years, the day went by quickly and, as I tried to slow things down, I barely had time to make sure that I said my good bye’s to everyone, some of whom I may never see again, and many who I have been with since early elementary school. As our final periods of high school dwindled down I found myself breaking a four year habit, I was urging the second-hand on the clock to move slower, as I realized that I did not want to leave high school just yet. Unfortunately, I am not Father Time.

After the last bell a group of seniors, including myself, met in the gym lobby to say good-bye for the last time in high school, of course we are going to see each other for graduation and over the summer, but it was the end of an era nonetheless. The ladies started the crying and some of the men followed soon after. Even I, a person who rarely wears my heart out on my sleeve, had trouble holding back tears as I found myself clenching my jaw as tight as I could to fight them.

For me, Senior year was by far my favorite year in high school. Being able to drive to and from school was a big plus and coming in fourth period was nice too. Seeing it come to an end is devastating, and even though I am excited for college next year, I will never forget the four years that shaped my adolescence. Especially the teachers and friends who helped me through it. Friends are such an important part of high school and I don’t see how anyone can get through the four years without a solid core group of friends who you can trust with anything.

I think that I speak for the entire class of 2010 when I say that the four years of great times is worth the few days of feeling sad and depressed. I know that this post doesn’t hold much value to most of the millions of people on the internet, but I want to say Congratulations, Good Luck, and Thank you to the Roy C. Ketcham High School Class of 2010!

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