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The Miracle Oil

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Coconut on a Beach If you haven’t familiarized yourself with Coconut Oil I highly suggest you go out and buy it the next time your shopping. My family and I found it about a year ago and were amazed when we learned all of the great benefits it has for your body. We now use it for just about everything. It can be used as a substitute for olive or the very harmful canola oil, it can be used as moisturizer, it can be applied to your hair, it can do everything…it’s the Miracle Oil.

Coconut oil is the healthiest oil you can get, just make sure that you buy the organic extra- virgin coconut oil for healthiest results. It’s great health benefits are due to the fact that it is rich in lauric acid, which is known for being antibacterial and containing absolutely no trans fat. By using Coconut oil on a daily basis you will soon see a difference in your skin, hair, and complexion, all for the better. But this oil also benefits you in ways that you cannot see. It has been proven that the ingestion and use of coconut oil results in low stress, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, weight loss, and increased immunity. It also helps prevent kidney problems, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

If you are an athlete or dieting you should definitely check this oil out because it has very little fat content, and the fat that it does contain can easily be turned into energy. Many athletes and bodybuilders prefer to use coconut oil opposed to other oils for this reason.

If you have damaged hair or dandruff coconut oil is highly recommended because it provides the essential proteins needed for the re-growth of the scalp and damaged hair. You could also use it as a conditioner and you will soon notice that your hair will be shinier, healthier, and stronger than before. To do this apply the coconut oil to your hair and scalp and gently massage your it, especially the scalp. This process will also help in lowering stress.

If you are a person who has dry skin, eczema, or bad acne, coconut oil will do wonders for you. Washing your face with coconut oil everyday will help clean your pours resulting in decrease of acne and if your a person who suffers from eczema it will help keep control of breakouts. It also slows time….kind of, by applying it to your face it will delay any wrinkles and sagging skin from your face that usually come with age. My cousin has eczema and during the past summer he was having a lot of difficulty with his skin because he was swimming in a chlorinated pool everyday, chlorine can be very damaging to the skin. Instead of rubbing chemicals into his body we told him to try some coconut oil, within days he saw a difference.

If you are dieting this is the oil for you because it increases the bodies metabolism which helps you burn energy which results in the loss of weight.

Do you have a baby or young child? Coconut oil will help the healing process on those nasty bruises that are all over your kid’s legs and it also helps heal diaper rash.If you haven’t been convinced about all the great benefits of coconut oil by reading this, and there are a lot more, or you have a hard time believing a kid like me, click here where you can read the scientific reasoning to all of these statistics that I am relaying to you.

Thanks for reading,
Steve DaCorta