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Lee Child: 61 Hours (Review)

As some of you who may follow my blog, mom and dad, know, I love all book written by Lee Child. I think that he is the best Mystery/Thriller author of his time. (Granted I don’t know too many others). I recently read his latest novel 61 Hours which, for those of you who are familiar with Child’s novels, is another “Reacher Book”. It revolves around his main character Jack Reacher, an ex- military policeman who now finds himself wandering the country because, growing up on military bases throughout the world, that is all he knows. It is amazing how Child can write so many high-end novels revolving around one spectacular character yet he does it again and again without fail.

For all of you Lee Child/ Jack Reacher fans, 61 Hours does slightly differ from the earlier novels in the series in that there is no female lover and there is less action, but that jut means that the story is that much more suspenseful.

In this adventure, Reacher finds himself stranded in a small town in South Dakota. It doesn’t take long for Reacher to get involved in the town’s latest drama. He teams up with the local police department in an attempt to solve a case that involves a mysterious, old abandoned building, a very small and dangerous man, and a witness that is need of protection if she is going to live long enough to testify.

61 Hours is not one of Child’s best pieces of work, but it is very far from his worst. This novel will keep your interest throughout and you will find it very hard to put it down. I found it hard to go twenty minutes without picking it back up and reading a few chapters. Child does a fantastic job of taking multiple story lines that the reader may think have nothing to do with each other and somehow bring them together at the end to create a ridiculous twist in the story. This is why Child is considered one of the best thriller writers in the business and if he keeps writing more novels at this caliber it will be easy to say that he is the best thriller author of his time. I highly recommend this novel and this author to anyone who enjoys mystery/thrillers. Out of a possible 10 I would give this book an 8, and Child as an author a 9.8, just because nobody‚Äôs perfect.

And keep an eye out for Child’s next book, Worth Dying For, which will be released on October 19, 2010. It will start from the end of 61 Hours so make sure that you do NOT read these two books out-of-order.


In the mood for a good book? Look for Lee Child

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Lee Child

Lee Child

This may sound like a sales pitch, but it’s not. I have no connections with Lee Child and he has never heard of me. I am just a fan of his books and I feel that other people should have the chance to read them as well. Haha, enjoy!
If you are bored on some rainy day sitting at home doing nothing, I highly recommend reading a good book. You will be very surprised on how fast time goes by when you are unraveling a good book. Personally I usually go for the action/mystery/thriller/suspense genres which brings me to the authors. My brother discovered Lee Child, a thriller writer, one day when he was searching for a book to read for school. He bought the novel Killing Floor and thought it was so great, he bought the entire set.
The next time I needed a book to read for school he told me that I had to read these books by Lee Child. I said “Okay” and I took Killing Floor, opened it and started reading. After the first page I couldn’t put the book down. It was easily the best book that I had ever read and I during the weekend.
After reading that book I had to read the rest of the books in the series. Every book in Lee Child’s series about Jack Reacher, an ex- military policeman who mustered out of the military a few years back and wanders around because he has no family or home, is as good as you could ask for. There are maybe two out of about fifteen that aren’t great, but they are still very good reads.
What I can’t imagine is that this man writes a novel every year, and these are fairly long, four hundred+ page novels, even though they don’t feel that long. How do you write a book every year and every year have that book land on New York Times Bestseller list?
My favorite out of all Child’s novels, and of all novels I’ve ever read, is One Shot. The book starts out with the shooting of five innocent civilians outside of a public shopping mall. The police quickly take in there suspect who immediately asks for them to find his old army buddy Jack Reacher.—-That’s all I’ll write because I obviously don’t want to spoil the book.
I have tried reading other authors like Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, and David Morrell but I find that it is much harder to ‘get into’ their books because they start rather slow. It takes them time to set up the plot whereas Child has you sucked in on the first page. I think a reason for this is that in most of his novels Child has very short chapters, I think that helps keep a reader’s attention from one section of the book to the next.
So if your ever in Barnes and Noble or Borders or any other book store, take a stroll over to the ‘Thriller’ section and flip through one of his books. It won’t take you long to make a decision and within minutes you will be on line getting ready to pay for it.
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