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More Good News About the Sun

This video, from, helps to prove that the sun is a very beneficial to one’s health and it also disproves all the popular “myths” about the “dangers” of the sun created by sun screen manufacturers.


The Truth about Vitamin D and the Almighty Sun

September 5, 2009 Leave a comment

For years the people of the United States have been lied to and mislead about the sun. Putting on our spf 50 before entering the harmful rays of the disastrous sun has become second nature to millions of people. It makes me wonder how people could ever think that the sun, the center of the universe, has no benefits and is so detrimental that spending five minutes in it will instantly give you skin cancer. How could the sun, which is imperative for the life of humans, plants, trees, and all other living organisms on this planet, be so harmful? In this article you will learn about how healthy the sun really is for you and how it can even prevent many chronic diseases and cancers.

**The following information has been taken from many sources, mainly from nutritionist Krispin Sullivan and Dr. Joseph Mercola.**

With exposure from the UV rays from the sun, Vitamin D synthesis in the skin of the human body is triggered. It has been proven that the sun is the best source of the very essential Vitamin D for for your body. What is so important about vitamin D? The major function of Vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. This helps form and maintain strong bones in the body. A depletion of this vitamin in the body can result in soft, brittle bones and other diseases and cancers that will be mentioned later. The sunscreen that everybody rubs into their skin does not allow the penetration of UV rays into the skin, unless it is spf 7 or less. This obviously does not allow the synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin which results in harmful diseases.
I am
not saying that going into the sun for hours and getting maximum sun exposure is healthy because it is not. The sun’s rays can be harmful if taken in too much. You will know when you have taken in too much of the sun’s rays when you get burned so bad that your skin is pealing. According to experts, a person should go in the sun in the beginning of the spring, or once the sun starts to get strong enough, for ten to fifteen minutes to get a base tan. This is important because eventually you will get tanner and tanner and it will be very hard for you to get burned during the summer. While too much sun could result in skin cancer too little sun could also harm the body. A deficiency of Vitamin D in the body has been linked to twenty- five different chronic diseases including; breast, prostate, colon, and skin cancer and other chronic diseases such as osteoporosis and schizophrenia. It has also been associated with insulin deficiency which could result in diabetes and Heart disease, the deadliest disease in America. FACT: More heart attacks occur during the winter months. It has also been said that Vitamin D can reduce the amount of mercury in your body which is very important to your well being.

This is from Yahoo news and National Academy of sciences- Jan. 2007: —– Moderate sun exposure offers more health benefits than risks, particularly for people who are deficient in vitamin D.

The article also says that it has been proven that people who live in northern latitudes and are not able to get sun exposure are more likely to develop skin cancer than people who live in sunnier, southern latitudes.

With this new information I think that you should go out and enjoy the sun, just not too much. If sunscreen is desperately needed try to get some that is less than spf 8 so that some of the sun’s rays will be able to penetrate the skin and release the Vitamin D.

The British Medical Journal said that sunscreen does not protect against UVA rays, which are the cancer causing rays, so people should not rely on sunscreen for complete protection against cancer. Some doctors say that sunscreen has certain toxins in it that, when rubbed into the skin, could also potentially cause cancer. These carcinogenic chemicals are used in the sunscreen as artificial fragrance and color.  These chemicals can cause major damage to the liver and heart. It also contains petroleum products that are used as stabilizers and fillers.  For more information go to or read “Sunlight Robbery” or just search ‘Benefits of the sun’ in any search engine.

Also know that taking in sun from behind glass is will do the opposite of what the sun will usually do. This is because the glass filters out the healthy UVB rays and leaves only the UVA to penetrate the skin which may even take away from the Vitamin D in your body.

Thanks for reading,
Steve DaCorta