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The swine flu vaccine, a scam?

September 7, 2009 1 comment

With the creation of the Swine Flu Vaccine in July many people have started debating on whether they should go and get the vaccine or take a pass on it. It sounds like a good deal, get injected with the vaccine and your safe from getting swine flu. But with the drastic side effects of the vaccine that was created in 1976 for the same virus, which was paralysis, many people are hesitant to go and receive the vaccine. For people who are on the “yes, I’ll take it” side of the fence, I should let you know that the vaccine was not even tested on humans, so if you want to be a guinea pig go right ahead and get the shot. Also know that doctors still do not know what caused the paralysis in the last vaccine, so how would they know what the side effects for this vaccine will be? It could be the same, it could be worse.

Before you go to the doctor’s and spend $25 on a vaccine, try to prevent swine flu naturally. Anybody who has read my article on the sun knows that I am a strong proponent of it and that it can prevent many diseases because of the increase in Vitamin D that it provides for your body. The Swine Flu is no different, studies show that a person who has more Vitamin D in their body has a better chance of preventing influenza, so just another reason to spend more time in the sun. Another way of preventing the swine flu is to take a good source of omega- 3 fats like fish or krill oil, and avoid damaged omega- 6 oils like trans fat because this slows down the immune system.

Also know that the vaccine is suspected of causing autism or other neurological disorders to a person due to the adjuvants, anything that aids in removing or preventing a disease, added to the vaccine. There is NO evidence that proves that regular, seasonal, flu vaccines help prevent the virus, so why should this one be any different? It is believed that the seasonal flu vaccine may help 1% of those people who receive it prevent influenza. In fact, this vaccine may even increase your chances of death from swine flu because it suppresses the immune system.

According to Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a German lung specialist who is also the chairman of the health committee in the German Parliament and the European Council, the vaccine contains animal cancer cells which could cause an allergic reaction when injected.

Dr. Russell Blaylock says that the vaccine may be more dangerous than the virus itself. One reason is because the vaccine uses cultured cells from the African green monkey which has been linked to transmitting many vaccine contaminating viruses, the most notable being HIV. He also found that the vaccine contains squalene which has been linked to autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Joseph Mercola says that the swine flu vaccines contain a dangerous level of mercury in the form of thimerosal which he says that, if taken in igh enough doses could Autism, ADD, and Multiple Sclerosis. He also states that it could cause neurological problems for adults such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

The government has already freed the drug companies of any responsibility for the vaccine. So the companies who are creating the vaccine have zero liability and will not be at fault if anyone dies from it. It doesn’t seem like the government and the drug companies are too confident about this, and that doesn’t make me to confident about the shot either, I know I won’t be rushing to my doctor’s office.

Bottom line, do you really want to a vaccine injected into your body that;

-was not tested on humans

-may cause autism or other neurological disorders

-contains animal cancer cells

-is not even proven to prevent anything

-can be substituted with sun exposure

The choice is yours, I hope by reading this that you make the right decision.

Steve DaCorta

**For more information read “Ten Things You’re Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine at Natural News.**

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